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Customizable Crash Trucks




Southern Commercial Development is available as your One Stop Shop when it comes to Crash Trucks (truck mounted attenuators). Our Crash Trucks are fabricated utilizing Freightliner trucks and a Traffix Devices, Inc. Scorpion® Truck Mounted Attenuator. Our basic crash truck unit is available with a solar powered arrow board with an in-cab controller. Customers may order any number of upgrades to the crash truck such as cameras, radar, message board, etc. Brand new Freightliner trucks are also available for fabrication into crash trucks.

Little to No Wait Time!

Southern Commercial Development maintains stock of basic crash trucks units for customers with an immediate crash truck need. Upgrades or new fabrications are handled immediately without weeks on end of waiting.


With over 25 years of combined traffic control experience we have seen the same things you have seen. Crash trucks that literally had trash falling out of them; no air conditioning; no heat; barely able to start and run.

Southern Commercial Development’s acquisitions for conversion into crash trucks are checked for mechanical soundness and cleanliness. We know you want good looking and reliable crash truck units with fully functioning equipment.



Traffix Devices, Inc. is a leader in the field of truck mounted attenuators.The Scorpion® truck mounted attenuator consists of strut and cartridge sections that are linked together on a support frame. The aluminum boxes are filled with a moisture proof aluminum honeycomb material. These boxes in combination with the curved side rails absorb energy from an impacting vehicle. The curved side rails are made from corrosion resistant aluminum tubes.

The Scorpion® truck mounted attenuator offers full width impact protection along the entire length of the unit, and the side rails were designed to redirect errant vehicles away from the rear of the crash truck (coffin corner). Generally speaking, other truck mounted attenuators provide little or no side-angle impact protection.The Scorpion truck mounted attenuator has exceeded governmental testing requirements in a worst case side angle re-directive impact test.

You can read about the manufacturer’s warranty here.

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